End of the Craft Fair

I’m on my way home to Norton’s Cove today after a 5 day show at the Jack Byrne Arena, selling my wares.  It’s a lot of work to pack everything up, lug it to town, spend long hours on my feet selling and networking, then packing it all up again and bringing it back home and unpacking… but it’s a lot of fun too.  I get to hang out with others artists, craftspeople, and small business owners, meet people from all over, and make some money too.

And I just love it when a customer sends me a photo of their newly acquired artwork hanging in their home!  Doug & Corinne visited me at the Finest Fair in the Land (TM Gavin Will) this past week, and sent me this today:

Doug & Corinne Burgess
Thank you for sharing, Doug & Corinne!

I’ll be back in the studio tomorrow, unpacking and getting things ready for the Christmas shopping season!  I hope lots of you will stop in for a visit!


Gift Cards

Redeemable at both the studio and café, gift cards can be loaded (and reloaded) with any amount you choose.  They never expire, and can be used to purchase any product offered by Norton’s Cove Studio & Café.   Get yours at the studio today!


Next week this time, I’ll be selling my wares at the 45th Annual Christmas Craft Fair, hosted by the Craft Council of NL (of which I’ve been a member for 28 years!).  It really is the best show of the season, with juried artisans of the best kind.

Until departing for St. John’s on Tuesday, I’ll be busy in my studio, framing up mini-prints and other artwork, and packing up for the road.


My hands are busy, but washing glass isn’t exactly the most interesting of my chores, and I’d love to have some brain exercise too- please stop in for a chat!

In the Studio

I took a few days off to simply relax- spent some time with my son in St. John’s, and have watched TV, read, and played guitar.

Now I’m back in the studio, happy to be working on two new editions.  The paper is cut, and I’m just getting ready to start printing

  1. A Week in December
  2. I Saw Three Ships

These will be ready for the Christmas Craft Fair in Torbay next month, and will be seen on Ian Foster & Nancy Hynes‘ soon to be released Holiday album!


Please do stop in for a visit- I’d love to have some company while I’m working with my hands!

And don’t forget to pick up your tickets for Dust Radio Live @ Norton’s Cove Café this weekend!


I’m taking a little breather from work in Norton’s Cove, spending a couple of days in town (St. John’s, the province’s capital city) doing not much of anything.

I managed a quick visit to the Craft Council of NL’s new home at 275 Duckworth Street yesterday, dropping off a parcel of new cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks to add to their display of my products.

The shop is a gorgeous space, and the gallery looks great too, but it was closed when I was there, getting ready for a big opening.  I’ll visit again, when there’s somewhere to park and I don’t have a driver waiting for me!  My outport life really ruins me for parking issues- not something I’m used to dealing with!



Yes, the Café has closed it’s doors to regular hours.  We will still open for special occasions, Live @ Norton’s Cove events, and private parties, but our regular hours won’t resume until spring 2019.


I want to take this moment to thank everyone who supported us throughout our first year of business, especially those who came for suppers all winter, those who came for a hot drink every day they could, and those that made special trips from far away just to visit Norton’s Cove.  Every little purchase means a lot to Team Norton’s Cove!

Keep an eye out for our calendar of events over the fall and winter, and you’ll see that we have lots up our sleeves to keep us all entertained and fed over the off-season.