Day 2 at Walking Bird Press

We started resetting our type, and made proofs of our work.

My back was pretty tired after a full day looking down at type, and my eyes are bleary too. Imagine setting entire daily newspaper editions back in the day, and what working conditions must have been.


Walking Bird Press

I’m spending some time in Flatrock with my friend and artist extraordinaire, Tara Bryan. We are working on a little art book together, to be titled Wesleyville. This morning, I set type for the first time, and really enjoyed it- a bit like playing word games

I got some basic instructions on how to operate the Vandercook press, and made a first proof. There were lots of typos to fix. Another word game.

Once we got the type set correctly, however, we started to play with layout. Perhaps the type will be reset to form around the shapes of our images…

TGIF: Weekly Update on SALE Table Items

Northeastern Folk Art Raku Magnets
Regular $12 now $6
Regular $20 now $10
Seahorse, Sea Urchin, Nfld, Sand Dollar, mussel

Shimmers by Judy Cooper
Regular $10 now $5

Foggy Island Candles: Soy candles with wooden wicks
Regular $25 now $12.50
Stormy Nights

Foggy Island Candles: Pie in a Jar Candles
Regular $16 now $8

Foggy Island Candles: Pie Candles
Regular $18 now $9

Brian Ricks Photography
Regular $40 now $20
Gorgeous black & white handmade print in a 5×7 frame

Brindy Linens
Regular $25 now $12.50
Xmas Stocking

Catherine McCausland’s Art Felt
Were $20, now $10 each
Needle felted mini-art/ornament, 100% wool, wet and needle felted (includes loop for hanging). Colour choices influenced by garden, wilderness, and the North Atlantic, all just steps away from Catherine’s studio.

Maaike Charron’s Pottery
Half price
Sgraffito dinner plate, teacups
Robot’s Boat is Painted Chartreuse teapot, cream/sugar set, teacups, and mugs

Georgecraft Shave Sets
Was $75, now $37.50 Shave Bowl Set includes: pure badger hair shave brush by Georgecraft, ceramic shave bowl by Wendy Shirran, and shave soap by TVAL
Was $90, now $45 Shave Box Set includes pure badger hair shave brush and razor with laburnum wood handles (razor takes a Mach 3 or Mach 3 Turbo blade)

Morgaine’s Way Onsies
Were $20 each, now $10
Hand dyed using the melting of ice to create pattern & colour, they are available in sizes 3m, 6m, & 12m

All books 40% off suggested retail price

Please share! #saleatnortonscove #CraftsofCharacter #MadeinNL #NLart #NLcraft


We have come to the end of our print run. About 1400 pieces printed in the past few days in a range of colours. The coming weeks will be filled with packaging, framing, and packing up orders for fine retail shops all over the province.

Throw Back Thursday

This untitled piece was a part of my first solo exhibit back in 1998, teastory.

Lithograph, found object, thread. Janet Davis 1998

Each piece in the series is the size shape and image of a tea bag. The teacup fragments were collected from the floor of my Morris Street apartment’s tiny kitchen. Too precious to be thrown away, I tucked them away for an unknown purpose, until I imagined this piece.

It’s all about holding precious bits and fragments of the past, but going on with something new, beautiful, and cherished.

Sainsbury Lane

I met the owners of this new Air B&B last summer at my studio, and once again when I smelled something burning at my café- one of them had managed to light the menu on fire by holding it over the candle on the table.  I won’t be forgetting them anytime soon!

Anyhoo… they are charming folk with a beautiful house to offer travellers in my favourite community, Greenspond, just a 25 minute drive from Norton’s Cove.  3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and a very affordable price.  Check them out!

Sainsbury Lane Air B&B in Greenspond

Bedroom 1



When I made the paintings, prints, and hooked mats of my SURFACING collection of works, I felt like I was just breaching the surface, coming up for air and starting to feel successful in all areas of my life.

Surfacing III Janet Davis (2016_07_12 16_56_16 UTC)
SURFACING 5   Oil on plywood   Private collection   Janet Davis 2012

I did not expect to feel trapped underneath
without air to breath
There is light streaming down
from above
If only I could grasp it
It’s cold and quiet down here
Beautiful glimmers
of beauty all around me, even while drowning

UNDERNEATH No. 1   Oil on plywood      Janet Davis 2018

Easter Sunday

Good morning!  We’ve had a busy weekend here at Norton’s Cove, and I am as content as a child eating her newly found chocolate eggs, sitting here at my desk with a hot coffee to sip on.

Easter is a mark of the beginning of our Spring season here in Newfoundland.  The pack ice is drifting around the bay, in one day, out the next, back and forth until it slowly breaks up and melts.  There’s a big iceberg at Greenspond, and more are surely on their way.  The snow is disappearing, and the flower beds are blank canvases waiting for colour.   Even though today’s wind is high and cold, winter is leaving us, sure enough.

One of the old post cards found in my house, from the Kean family.

We’re at the Café and Studio until 3pm- stop in for a mug up or a chat, we’d love to see you, and rejoice in all this great spring light and fresh new life to come.