This morning, I was interviewed by the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation’s Darren Sheppard, which will air next Friday, November 29th on the 709 Watershed Podcast. I think we may have gone a little off-topic, but otherwise I think it went okay. Always nerve-wracking to hear my own voice in a recording, and I’ll probably listen to it next week without breathing. Fingers crossed I answered some of the questions sensibly, at least!

The logo I drew earlier this year for the Indian Bay Ecosystem’s 709 Watershed podcast project

Duke and I had a lovely little interlude at Washed Ashore after the interview, where we drank coffee and discussed everything under the sky with some local coffee-drinkers and admired a shop full of treasures. If you haven’t been there before, you should definitely give it a look!

This afternoon, I’m back in the studio, working on a couple little things: putting a few frames together, and starting to update my online shop’s product photos, as well as a bit of book-keeping. Please do drop by for a visit if you’re in the area!

Christmas Cleaning

Duke and I have spent the last three days cleaning and reorganizing the studio. I’ve wiped some pretty heavy dust off those top shelves while hanging on to said shelves a bit monkey-like. We’ve been putting up Christmas decorations too, and displaying Christmas specific product, like cards and CDs. The c.1890 shop is looking pretty festive!

I’m finishing up the job today by cleaning the press room, and putting some new frames together, and setting up my old coffee station that had been removed when we built the café. In 2017, we thought the café would be open year-round, so I didn’t need a coffee counter right across the street too. Plans change! So my mini-espresso maker is getting set up here today. My dad is installing new plumbing, as even my bar sink was installed at the café more than two years ago!

So drop in! We’re ready for Christmas shoppers! Pick up your Norton’s Cove event tickets, grab a gift card, or come in to make your own wish list to pass on to your loved ones! What would you like Santa to pick up for you at Norton’s Cove this Christmas?

Christmas Craft Fair

For the next few days, I’ll be away from my darling studio to bring my artwork to the Christmas Craft Fair again. Wish me luck! And if you’re in the St. John’s area, drop by for a visit! This truly is the best shopping event of the season.

Find me at booth #5

I look forward to this event not just as a sales opportunity, but as a social event. I get to visit with other artisans, meet new people, and take in some of the St. John’s nightlife. For instance, I’m trying to decide whether to go out to YellowBelly Brewery on Friday night to hear my baby brother Mick sing, or if I’ll go to the Black Sheep on George on Saturday night to hear him with Thin Love… decisions decisions!


No, I’m not looking to get ‘picked up’ at the Fair… I’m very taken with my husband of 21 years. But, if you would like to place an order in the online shop, you can enter the PickUpAtFair code in your shopping cart to waive any shipping fees. You can then pick up your order at the Christmas Craft Fair happening next week!

The discount code can be used multiple times and on anything in the online shop until 11pm on November 6th. See you at the Fair!

Work in Progress

I started working on a new linocut piece a few weeks ago, based on an old photograph of the wharves in Wesleyville. I’ve been doing a bit a research and sizing up where exactly the picture was taken, and my amateur historian guess is that this is the area where the ‘pound’ is at the Wesleyville Marine Service Centre looking to the right of that at around 1900.

From The Sea, Our Life-Blood by the Ocean View Senior Citizens
First, I drew the image onto a piece of linoleum using a Sharpie. The image has to be mirrored in order to print correctly onto paper.
I carved the image using v and u shaped blades.
I have an awful habit of doubting my ability with every image I make, and earlier today I was suggesting to Duke that the whole thing might not work out and that perhaps I was just wasting my time with the carving this close to the Craft Fair (main sales event of the year for me). He scoffed at the idea. But my confidence is still pretty shaky, despite being a professional artist for 27 years already.
And so here is the carved plate, ready to be washed, inked, and proofed tonight. If you’d like to see some printmaking in action, please do stop by and keep me company! Let’s see if this image turns out to be a treasure or trash!


Later the same night… the inked lino on the press bed
The first proof fresh off the press
And with a bit of watercolour added to really get an idea of what it’ll look like finished.

So now that I have my first proof pulled, I can see that there are a couple of areas that I need to change with the carving. Once that’s done, I’ll cut all my paper to size, about 50 sheets, tidy up the studio (have to sweep up Jack hair before laying out ink!), and away I go! I’ll be editioning very soon- please feel free to drop in to see how it’s done in person!

I’m pretty happy with the image at first look- what do you think? Treasure or trash?

Brown Trout Available Now

A new edition of prints, Brown Trout, is now available for purchase at the studio or through the online shop.

  • Printed at Norton’s Cove Studio
  • Lino-cut relief print, with watercolour details
  • Impressions made using this printing matrix, numbering 104 in all: 1 Trial Proof, 1 Bon A Tirer, 1 Artist Proof, 1 Shop Impression, a Variable Edition of 75, and 25 Presentation Proofs for the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation
  • Printed on Canson 250g cotton fibre paper

Each image in the edition differs slightly in ink tones and watercolour details. If ordering online, please know that the print shown may not be exactly like the print you receive. I am able to photograph a number of prints for you to send personally so that you can have a choice!

Darren from IBEC came in to the studio this morning to pick up the 25 images donated to that organization for fundraising purposes. One of them is framed and up for grabs at the Ducks Unlimited Dinner & Auction this coming weekend.

A Lily for Lilly

My Lilies are finally ready to find new homes to brighten!

Find them in the online shop HERE or stop in at the studio to get yours! They are selling for $80 each matted as shown here in my garden, or $120 in a chic white frame.

Lilies in the Rain

It’s dark and dreary in the rain here at Norton’s Cove, but my day is literally brightened by my new Lily edition which I am packaging up in mats and frames to be ready for sale at the studio (or in the online shop) this weekend.

Lily, getting dressed up ready for sale!

Virtue on the Hard

Duke, Jack and I, with the help of our cousin Curtis and our friend Keith, brought Virtue to the Glovertown Marina today, had her hauled out and put on the hard for the winter. We had a gorgeous day of motoring and sailing in the bay. Chilly, but I still got a sun-burned nose!

I’m hoping that in the spring with a berth at Glovertown, when we’d normally be waiting on the sea ice to do it’s thing here in Norton’s Cove, we’ll be able to sail in the bay for some pre-season fun.