We went for a hike out behind our house yesterday. The landscape is barren and striking, and I think the huge blobs of granite that make up most of the landscape are simply gorgeous with our recent dusting of snow. What do you think?

Today I’m doing a few chores at home and at work, including printing up a few cards to complete an online order…

The studio is in a bit of chaos while I’m counting cards and picking out some older stock to add to our 50% discount table. I’ve also got several new canvases painted with background colours to become the next few Smudge Herring pieces. I’d like to get to #100 in the smudge herring series-seems like it’s a good number. The door you see leaning on the steel pole used to lead to the pantry in our home which we removed years ago and has just been taken out of storage. I’m looking for a good place to reuse it.


It’s Saturday evening at the studio, and fun gal that I am, I am doing a little inventory counting here in my shop. Have I mentioned that 2022 will mark my 20th year in business at Norton’s Cove Studio? Of course I have! In 20 years, I’ve made quite a lot of artwork. And some editions have sold quicker than others. While looking at my inventory tonight, I decided to set some ridiculous sales prices on some of those older pieces. And some other shop stock too: books, chocolate, etc. In store, you’ll find a table of other items marked down by 50% too.

Scroll through the online shop and look for the red sale buttons- no discount code necessary!

Friday at Norton’s Cove

I’m in the studio today (and every Friday, 10-6 if you’d like to swing by for a visit) working on financial documents, and planning out my entire year of business. I’ve got some big goals this year, including paying myself and then not giving all my paycheques back to the company for a change! For anyone who has ever owned a small business, you probably understand that the challenges are real. For those of you who have never owned a small business and think that owning your own business offers tons of perks that any other labourer doesn’t get- well- there are a ton of perks. But there are just as many worries and crappy bits to even that out.

We’re all swimming in this ocean together. Some of the anti-vaxers are calling us sheep. Whatever. I see us as a school of fish, all working together & helping each other.

I’ve been listening to podcasts, using a business diary/planner made especially for creative business owners like me, and taking part in educational webinars to aid in my business planning, and I really feel like this year will be my best. I can do this. I’ve got a great Team Norton’s Cove to do this. We just need to follow the plan. Of course, how will the current/future COVID-19 restrictions affect the plan? There is plenty to worry about again this year. But if I worry too much, I am not as productive. So there has to be some balance to worry and self-assuredness without becoming cocky and annoying or letting myself and my beautiful team start feeling down. What do you do to keep from getting too stressed out? I just keep planning a better future. Gotta have goals and something to look forward to!

We just have to keep on swimming.

This Week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café

A little reminder from me (and 7xFred) that all apparel is on sale this month! The discount code 2022 only works if you subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter though.

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away- which leaves plenty of time to order that special card, and purchase your Feast of Saint Valentine event tickets through our online shop, or in-person (or over the phone) at the Studio.

Mussel Heart is available as a card or a mini-print.
Does your sweetheart love the seaside? Mine does!

I’m trying out a new reservation system for this event, where you can pick an available time and date right on the order page. Click HERE to read the menu and order your event tickets! Now that the Lower Deck is finished, we have tons of room to spread out! With current COVID-19 restrictions, we are limited to 34.5 people (including staff) in the building at a time, need to physically distance ourselves from other bubbles by at least 6 feet, wear a mask when we are not seated/eating, and show that we are vaccinated upon entry. No sweat! We’re used to that!

1st Studio & Café Update of 2022!

January brings a 40% off sale on Norton's Cove apparel for those who subscribe to the Norton's Cove eNewsletter!  Just enter the discount code 2022 in the checkout in the online shop, or remind me in person at Norton's Cove Studio!

I am back to regular hours in the studio, and am putting together a plan of future events at the Café and Lower Deck to be added to our events calendar as we nail down dates and happenings. While I’m doing lots of paperwork today and taking down Christmas decorations here at the studio, enjoy this from a couple of my favourite people: Ian Foster & Nancy Hynes’ Old Christmas Day video (which my brother Trev and sister-in-law Dana just so happens to appear in!)

Norton’s Cove Studio’s winter hours: Please do stop in to browse the shop, to chat about the latest books you’ve read, to apply for a summer job at the studio & café, or to sit around hooking mats! We’d love to see you (with a mask on, of course! )

10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café

Thank you to those of you who came out for our Tibb’s Eve Dinner, even though we had to trim the event of its normal dance and performance by my brother Mick. My Norton’s Cove staff did a terrific job of feeding & watering us (yes, I got to enjoy the meal instead of serving it!), and I’m happy that we didn’t cancel the whole darn thing. It was a lovely & safe evening out with friends and family. Fingers crossed that next year will be back to normal!

My next biggest jobs are in the office. Planning out the whole new year ahead of us will take some reviewing of last year, lots of notes and charts and coffee drunk. I’m looking forward to it! I made a lot of mistakes this year, I think, and I want to make sure that I don’t make them all again next year. Timing is everything! And then there’s the year end financial documents that need to be filed with the government. Sounds awful, but in fact, I rather like doing that work each year.

I’ll be in and out of the studio and office at no set hours for the next few days, but will start with regular hours again after Old Christmas Day. Until then, I hope you’re enjoying the twelve days of Christmas, and that you don’t have a house full of calling birds, French hens, turtle-doves and partridges. I guess the golden rings might be alright! xo


I’m in the studio this evening, printing a special order. Working during Christmas week- by choice, as my studio is an awesome place to hang out. Here is my view:

You may be thinking that with the largest COVID numbers released today from the government of NL would make me want to lock my doors and keep people out. But here are my own numbers: So far this month, I’ve had 29 visitors to my shop. So an average of about 1/day. Not exactly shoulder to shoulder nor a big COVID risk. So the door is unlocked, and the OPEN sign is facing the street. If you know how to wear a mask, drop in!