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I didn’t realize that the email addresses I’ve been using for many years would no longer work after discontinuing some outdated Bell Aliant services… so my old email addresses have been replaced. is now

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Please update my contact info in your address books, and sorry if this has caused any inconvenience!


This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café…

Looking to visit Norton’s Cove Studio this week? Here’s when you can expect to find me here! You can also call or text me to make an appointment to visit anytime. The number is 536-2533. (My studio number and cell number are now the same!) Monday sees an early closing time for the studio because I’ll be busy serving supper to a private party at the Café, and on Friday, we’ll be setting up at the Gardiner Centre (The ex: Battery Hotel) in town for the Craft & Gift Wholesale Show. Otherwise, I’ll be here printing and packaging new cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks!

Open Studio will be going ahead as usual! I hope to see you here!

Doodle the Maritimes

We have a brand new book in stock at Norton’s Cove Studio, hand drawn and created by Ashton Rodenhiser of Minds Eye Creative.

Doodle the Maritimes is a fun, interactive step by step drawing book which has 100 images from across the Maritimes + Newfoundland & Labrador. Inspired by the land, sea, landmarks and some of your favourite things across the region, this book is perfect for the youngsters!

This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café…

Last week’s open studio turned into a bit of an art therapy session- some bonding happened, and not just ink to paper! This week, I’m hoping to see even more beautiful people sharing my creative space, and expect to be printing more cards & mini-prints myself, while Duke will be making some rope mats. How about you?
Visitation (moving marble)   
oil on linen 96″ x 156″ 
Tara Bryan
As seen at Norton’s Cove Café
Update: this piece has been donated by its owner to The Rooms Provincial Art Bank.

Looking to visit Norton’s Cove Studio this week? Here’s when you can expect to find me here! You can also call the studio or text me to make an appointment to visit anytime.

10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 9:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Blog Prompt Response

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

~Wordpress prompt

I quite often get asked if I live here in Norton’s Cove full-time. It always baffles me as to why it’s expected that I wouldn’t stay in my hometown year-round. Just yesterday, I was asked on the phone if I was in New-Wes-Valley or if I was living in St. John’s for the winter. Do so many people own two homes? Does anyone really think it’s better/wiser/easier to spend a winter in a city than in a small town? I certainly don’t! What is this question really about? I’ve never met someone and wondered how many residences they have. For the record, I live in New-Wes-Valley year-round, and I love it! I sat for an hour in my sunroom this morning watching the sun glint off the water and ice where seabirds are frolicking. I walk just a few steps to work at my studio/office in a building that I am completely in love with. I love my jobs as a Visual Artist, Shopkeeper, a Marine Consultant, and Administrator. In this small town, I can lead a seemingly rich lifestyle on a very small budget. And if I ever sell my property and leave for a retirement home, my sights are on somewhere even smaller and more out-of-the-way!

This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café…

Today we’ll start our new Open Studio sessions! Everyone with an interest in being creative is welcome to come hang at Norton’s Cove Studio every Wednesday night. Whether you’re a knitter or a woodworker or a painter, come along! I’ll be printing cards this evening in black ink. What will you be working on?

Locals will notice something missing soon- Tara Bryan’s large painting which shines all night long in the big windows of the Café has been donated to The Rooms Provincial Art Bank by it’s owner, and they will be picking it up next week. So now I need a big piece of artwork to hang in its place! Challenge!

Tara Bryan Paintings
I wonder how many people have had their photos taken in front of this painting over the last couple of years? I am very thankful to Tara & her husband George for letting us display this fabulous piece at the Café. And now it’s time for it to make new friends elsewhere!

New Feature: Open Studio Night

I’m getting tired of being lonely in the studio- I’m missing the days when creative folks showed up here for art classes and stayed until the wee hours working on art projects together. And so I’m going to do something about it!

Please join me in the studio every Wednesday

evening for Open Studio Night! 6-9pm

  • to work on art projects
  • use studio equipment and tools that you don’t have at home- I don’t mind sharing in the least!
  • get feedback on your work-in-progress
  • make a painting
  • finish that hooked mat at last! (I’ve got two to finish and a new one to start!)
  • share recipes & snacks
  • talk about whatever is on your mind
  • bring your knitting
  • lend a hand with someone else’s project
  • promote a project of your own
  • open and free to everyone
  • you don’t need to be a creative type to hang out here
  • please share this weekly event with your friends and family
  • add it to your calendar!

This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café…

I’ll be printing in the studio this week, and I’d love to see some of your smiling faces here for a visit! Bring your coffee and stay for a cuffer! I’m usually here around 10-6, but if you want to be sure of when we’re open you can contact me anytime.

I have decided to make an attempt to sell the Café building in the hopes that someone younger than me and ready to take on a new business will set up a new restaurant there. Me and the Mr. aren’t getting any younger, and we’re dreaming of sailing during our summers instead of running three businesses! So you might see Norton’s Cove Café listed on Craig Loder’s real estate network. We fully intend to operate the business until it is sold though, and I don’t expect a sale to happen overnight. So, until that special someone comes along, we’ll be going ahead with business as usual. Opening dates and all that jazz is listed on our website and is as up-to-date as possible, as always.

All You Need is Love… and Ted’s Cooking!

Thank you to all of you who came out to enjoy the Feast of Saint Valentine with us at Norton’s Cove Café! I am thrilled to have had so much wonderful feedback, and feel pretty loved up by our customers! A big shout out to Matthew who has had his first couple of nights as Ted’s new Kitchen Assistant for the 2023 season, and thank you to all my crew members who put their hearts into their jobs: Ted and Matthew in the kitchen, Kasie and Trina in the dining room, and Duke on the plough, in the shops, and in the kitchen too! You’re all stars.

I’m back in my office and studio today, catching up on ‘all the things’. Feel free to drop by for a visit, grab a deal off our little sales table, or to tell me what you’d like to do for a special occasion at Norton’s Cove in March.