Hiring @ Norton’s Cove!

Norton’s Cove Studio & Café is looking for five new team players!

Studio Assistant
10am-6pm Sunday & Monday, 11am-6pm Friday & Saturday; 30 hours/week
June 7th – October 10th 2020 (19 weeks)

Main Server
11:30am-7pm Wednesday to Saturdays; 30 hours/week
June 7th – October 10th 2020 (19 weeks)
$12/hour + tips

Host/Server 1 This position has been filled!
9am-3pm Wednesday to Sunday; 30 hours/week
June 7th – October 10th 2020 (19 weeks)
$12/hour + tips

Host/Server 2
3-9pm Wednesday to Sunday; 30 hours/week
June 7th – October 10th 2020 (19 weeks)
$12/hour + tips

Kitchen Helper
noon-7:30 Wednesday to Saturday; 30 hours/week
June 7th – October 10th 2020 (19 weeks)
$12/hour + tips

If you are interested in art, the beauty of this part of the world, great food, and smiling people, please apply!

By email:


Or by mail:

Norton’s Cove Studio Inc.
P. O. Box 223
Wesleyville, NL
A0G 4R0

Mini-Prints and Swiles

Today, I am packaging Mini-Prints and listening to a book which seems to have two titles. The book was always known to me as The Greatest Hunt in the World, but this audio version is called Vikings of the Ice.

The book, a description of the seal hunt aboard the Terra Nova in 1922, is an education in the lives of Newfoundlanders at that time. It really points out how much poverty and lack of education existed here in my hometown, where the sealing history is significant. And more importantly, how far we’ve come since then. Almost a century later, most of my friends have university degrees and live a life of luxury (comparatively) with excellent health care and workplace safety. Even in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, our inconveniences are incomparable to the every day lives of our ancestors. The good old days? They are the present time for sure.

S.S. “Terra Nova” was built in Dundee in 1884, O.N. 89090, 744 gross tons, 3 masts, bought by Bowring Brothers in 1898 and then registered at St. John’s, Newfoundland. She was a famous sealing vessel, over the years bringing in more than 800,000 pelts. She was involved in a rescue mission for the “Discovery” with the first Scot Polar expedition to the Antarctic and came back to Newfoundland in 1906 and went back to the seal hunt. The “Terra Nova” sank near Greenland in September of 1943. ~https://www.mun.ca/mha/pviewphoto.php?Record_ID=2560&pagev=2


Happy Mother’s Day to all who know the incredible feeling of being a mom! I really believe that there’s nothing equal to being a parent as a source of education. And a mother’s unconditional love lasts forever, no matter how good or bad we are! That’s a special thing!

Of course, my own mom deserves mention today, the beautiful Ollie (Gill) Davis; I’d also like to send a shout out to my mother-in-law of the last 21+ years, Louise (Burry) Kelloway.

Louise & Fred Kelloway with baby Grant & Duke


Duke & I finished printing the last of the Spring Print Run of Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, and Bookmarks on Monday evening. Now, I have piles of fresh prints ready for packaging! Janeite that I am, I am listening (again) to Pride & Prejudice while I am folding, gluing, chopping, signing, and stuffing prints to be ready to send out finished product to my customers by next week.

This week’s sale is all about Norton’s Cove Card products too! #MothersDayGifts #SupportSmallBiz #Cards

Blue & Green should Never be Seen

Whoever came up with that saying was ‘stunned as me arse’ in my humble opinion! Today I’m printing blue and green rainbow roll cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks. Printapalooza is still going strong! I can’t invite you in to see the process in person, but I’m hoping that’ll change soon.

Here’s hoping you’re all well and happy. xx