Icebergs in June: Day One

Icebergs in June, which began last year at Alexis Templeton’s studio, came to be at Norton’s Cove Studio this year for two reasons: one being that we might actually see some icebergs in June in Brookfield; two being that the signs Alexis had made up fit my windows too. 

I’ve changed the event to happen over the entire month, as my out-of-town location makes things a little different than Alexis’ city weekend events. 

So here we are at day one.  Duke and I went sailing, but didn’t see any icebergs.  It was cold enough that you’d think there was ice all around, but no. 

I’ll be keeping a daily blog on events, visitors, and special bergy things for sale here at the studio, made by myself and my artsy friends.  There are some beautiful things to see already, and there are lots more on their way.  Stop by for a visit, make a special trip, stay tuned!


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