Icebergs in June: Day Twenty-Three

Iceberg count: scarcer than hen’s teeth
Here’s an installment from Paul Kirby:
   Another 2009 iceberg: It was out past Offer Island. The original (top) was painted in Greenspond then I photocopied a photocopy in black and white (bottom) and coloured it in pencil crayon… love the depth and brown contrast with orange outline.
I love seeing how the same subject matter is portrayed by different artists.
How big are these pieces, PK?  And are they for sale?

One thought on “Icebergs in June: Day Twenty-Three

  1. These are both 3 1/2\” X 4 1/2\” (9 cm X 11.5 cm). They are for sale as cards in July.I'm enjoying you Icebergs in June event. For most years icebergs are a sentinel of summer (sunny and cool), often lasting well into August. I'm hoping they'll all arrive within the week. Last year 13 arrived overnight.


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