Pinchard’s Island, Bonavista Bay

Jack waiting for our ride back to the mainland…

Why do I live where I do?  Lots of tourists ask me this, wondering what would make an artist settle down in a place with seemingly no other artists around, in the middle of nowhere.

It’s because this is my hometown.  My son is the eighth generation of my family to live here in this part of Bonavista Bay.  The first generation, William Davis, settled Pinchard’s Island from Ringwood, England.  That’s my paternal g-g-g-g-grandfather.  My mom’s family is so closely associated with the same little island that she was six years old when her mom & dad floated their house across to Newtown at Joey Smallwood’s insistence. 

My husband’s hometown too.  His family roots come from Pool’s Island, Swain’s Island, and Greenspond, all short boat rides away from our home and studio in Brookfield.

Now if anyone can explain to me why I care about these things, and feel pulled by this place, while most of my close relatives don’t feel the same connection, I would be grateful for the psycho-analysis!


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