Place Cards

Here’s the start of the 80 placecards I’m making for Feast of Pottery, a pottery exhibit and sale curated by Alexis Templeton.  The show takes place at the Geocentre this weekend.  You can find more info at Alexis’ website.

To make the placecards, I’ve put a 4 x 6 piece of canson edition printmaking paper (the same I use for the mini-print product line) through my office printer to get the names of the 10 different potters who are taking part in the show.  Then I placed the paper on a clean lino-cut plate (no ink) and pulled it through the etching press to emboss the paper.  A bone folder makes a crisp edge, and voila!

The same printing plate will make a new edition of prints using dark grey ink and watercolour in a few days…


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