Snowflakes in Progress

A slab of clay with a linocut plate of the same size, fitting six different snowflake designs on each  slab…

The printing plate on top of the clay, ready to roll through the slab roller…

The plate is peeled off the clay…

And the printed slabs are placed on boards to dry a little bit…

And then each snowflake is cut by hand from the slabs while the clay is still damp.

After this much, I’m out of the picture for a while.  The snowflakes, after drying some more between flat boards to keep them from warping, get the edges smoothed by rubbing a damp sponge over them ever so carefully.  They go in the kiln to be bisque fired (I think that’s the term- Alexis, leave a comment to correct what I get wrong!), then get some of the beautiful crystaline glaze added to the smooth side of the snowflake, get fired again, and they’re ready to go to their new homes!

Here are all six finished snowflake designs.  Each one has a lino cut image from me on one side, and Alexis’ glaze on the other side.  Their prices go by size: $10, $11, $14, $14, $17, and $22 plus tax.  (Alexis’ prices are slightly different as her prices include the tax)

They are available here at Norton’s Cove Studio, and also at Alexis Templeton Studio.


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