Winter Cleaning

Most people Spring-Clean.  Not me.  By spring the studio needs to be in tip top shape for the card printing season and iceberg watching visitors.  So in February, while there aren’t too many interuptions, I’m cleaning, sorting, and painting the floors.

The shelves are emptied and the contents piled up all over the shop.  It’s a mess!  But once the shelves are wiped clean, a bit of touch-up paint applied, and all my working materials and tools are put back in an organized fashion, I’ll be ready to dig in to some linoleum for this year’s new card and mini-print images.

My February birthday also brought with it a fabulous new mat hooking frame, made in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, where my seafaring dad has been working this winter.  I’m really looking forward to getting that set up!

Thanks to my dad who helped to install my new track lighting system for the two long counters.  After ten years of artwork being produced in this building, I can finally see what I’m doing clearly!


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