Snaps from around the studio today…

Welcome to the historic Job Kean shop!

A hooked mat I’m working on, part of my Surfacing series of water images.
In the press room…
Flowers and Dogs in the press room…
Surfacing paintings and the drying rack in the press room…
Salt fish in the press room…
Mini-prints, framed or matted, in the press room…
Norton’s Cove Cards come in 19 designs: caplin, caribou, cod jigger, codfish, coopie coopie, dory, jug & basin, Labrador, lobster, mussels, old Paterson’s goat, polar bear, salt fish, sand dollar, schooner, spring ice, squid, starfish, and teapot.
Janet Davis designs on Living Planet T-Shirts
More cards…
…and more cards…
…and more cards!
Art supplies
Bookmarks come in 4 designs: tea for two, salt fish, caplin, and store path.
more bookmarks
Porcelain snowflakes made by Janet and Alexis Templeton
The old scale came with the shop- still gets used to weigh all packages going out to Canada Post.
Dogberry Branch
He Loves Me
Surfacing cards and prints
Whip Sculpin
A platter made with Alexis Templeton using the Whip Sculpin lino-cut printing plate.
Caplin plates
Art supplies
Coffee Coffee Coffee
Relics hanging from the rafters
Brown paper rolls still in use
Discount bin always has a few items marked down by 50%
Norton’s Cove cards and mini-prints
Jaknit’s Caps, onsies, Paul Kirby’s tin sculptures, cards and minis.
Paul Kirby’s work
Icebergs from Paul Kirby
A is for Accordion
Textile piece from 1992
and another
Working tools and materials behind the counter to you left of the entrance.

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