Printing Rocks

Jennifer Oille Sinclair has been a part-time resident of Wesleyville for about 15 years.  She started out by driving back to Toronto each fall, but succumbed to the call of this incredible place, and now she keeps her two homes (with studio) within this province.  Check out her Printing Rocks website, which tells more about the services she provides.  Here’s an excerpt from her blog related to Norton’s Cove Studio:

Last week my veteran printer and seasoned traveller, the stalwart Stylus Pro 7800, made a safe journey from St. John’s to Wesleyville tucked in the back of a Jeep Wrangler thereby displacing the regular and somewhat smaller occupant, a dog the size of a small horse.

So now I’m set up in both places. If you’re in my area of  Bonavista North, why not visit the  artist Janet Davis at Norton’s Cove Studio in Brookfield.   A couple of years ago I designed and printed a limited edition poster for Janet,  best known as a printmaker. But Lineage  commemorates  the seven paintings she did to represent the generations of her family committed to the fishery in Bonavista North. The series has been broken up now so the poster is a way of seeing the project the way it was originally envisioned. It’s 13″ x 43″ on luscious Moab Kayenta and she has a few left for sale at Norton’s Cove Studio.




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