A Christmas Present

The Real Steve | Oil on canvas | Janet Davis 2013

This is an 11×14″ painting I made for my oldest brother, Steve, for Xmas.  It comes from a photo taken at the Village Mall in the early 80s when our family was living in Mt. Pearl.  Steve was one of the coolest kids in town.  He wore a hoody, jean jacket, and a leather jacket all at the same time.  And an earring!  Exciting stuff back then.  He drove a motorcycle too- big addition to the cool factor.  I remember one warm evening, he drove up to Newtown Elementary to pick me up from my Girl Guides meeting on his bike.  The ‘in crowd’ girls who otherwise never spoke to me pleaded with me to get my brother to take off his helmet so they could see his shaggy hair.  The tiny bit of respect I had for them was completely lost at that embarrassing moment; It did feel pretty good to drive off on the back of the motorcycle while they all watched though.

I really enjoyed making this portrait, surprisingly so.  Perhaps there are more portraits coming soon…

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