Workspace Canada: Martin Weinhold

A few years ago, I met a young German Photographer by the name of Martin Weinhold.  
He was (and still is) working on a project called Workspace Canada, a series of portraits of Canadians in their workspaces.  He had grown up with a certain stereotype image of Canadians: maple syrup eating friendly people who dressed in cowboy hats and boots and decorated their homes with moose heads type of stuff. So he set out to get a real sense of the Canadian landscape through its workforce.
A contact sheet I sent back to Martin in Germany with some notes and doodles…
You can check out his website for updates on the project, which just so happens to include my own mug. Funny story: without my help, he just so happened to meet my father’s crew on Tug Point Vim while they were tied up at St. John’s harbour and they are also included in Workspace Canada.  


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