This is my chosen term for a period of time, usually about two weeks, for printing a full Black – Yellow – Yellow/Red – Red – Orange – Red/Blue – Blue – Blue/Green – Green – Silver/Gold print run of all the required card, mini-print, and bookmark designs to make up orders and shop stock.


When I started making this product line about a dozen years ago, I could print about 350 pieces in a single day.  I’d start early and finish late.  But today, a morning’s worth of printing is all I can really do at a time.  Like most artists and craftspeople who do repetitive work, I have developed Tennis Elbow, or Lateral Epicondylitis.  A brace around my arm helps me get the work done, but I still don’t want to overdo it.  Eventually I’ll need to train someone else up to do the printing work, I guess.  But for now, slow and steady wins the race.

Today I finished the black portion of Printapalooza with the help of my lovely assistant, Ollie, aka mom.  We start in again tomorrow morning on a new colour.  If any of you are out and about and would like to see the printmaking process in action, please do drop in.  We love having visitors!



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