Thank Goddess it’s Friday!  Or whatever you’d like to call it.
Remember that little sales table I introduced a few days ago?  I’ll show pictures of what’s on that table here every Friday until I’ve sold off everything that I need to remove from my inventory lists.

20180111_135533_highway 26279164279..jpeg

So here we go:

20180111_135517_highway 26254803045..jpeg
Foggy Island Candles: a gorgeous product with scents to trigger great Newfoundland memories.  The Stormy Nights candle is my favorite right now, and I have one burning while I’m at work quite often- smells like the cookstove, matches, and bread in nan’s kitchen.

Soy candles with wooden wicks
Regular $25 now $12.50
Stormy Nights, Berry Picking, or Rain Drizzle & Fog

Pie in a Jar Candles
Regular $16 now $8
Blueberry, Partridgeberry, Bakeapple

20180111_135547_highway 262042392933..jpeg

Pie Candles
Regular $18 now $9
Apple, Bakeapple, Blueberry

20180111_135621_highway 26977014716..jpeg

Cinnamon Bun Candles
Regular $12 now $6

20180111_135541_highway 26603503573..jpeg

Brian Ricks Photography 
Regular $40 now $20
Gorgeous black & white handmade print in a 5×7 frame.

20180111_135645_highway 26-1544704848..jpeg
Gorgeous coffee table book for anyone who’s ever fallen in love with the big land, or has always dreamed of going.  I’m in the first category.  Saw the entire coast of Labrador in 1994-95 while employed as a cook on the MV Cape Mugford: amazing experience.

On the Labrador
Regular $60 now $36
Boulder Publications, Arnold Zageris

20180111_135610_highway 261282497679..jpeg

Brindy Linens
Half price
Dish towels, napkins, Xmas Stocking

20180111_135558_highway 261862625138..jpeg
I love these little felted art pieces.  Just pop them in a frame and enjoy the natural fibre beauty of a wonderful designer craftsperson, Catherine McCausland.












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