Jellybean Row & a Bakeapple

Phew!  What a relief!*  They turned out alright!  Looking forward to getting them coloured and up on the online shop for all to see.

Title for the first one: Jellybean Row?  or Row Houses?  St. John’s?  Neighbours?  Suggestions, please.

20180201_191051_highway 26-1544704848..jpeg
My new Row Houses relief printing plate, all inked up and waiting for paper.
20180201_191056_highway 26254803045..jpeg
My even newer (by moments) Bakeapple printing matrix, inked and ready for action.
20180201_185707_highway 26-1830411561..jpeg
Row Houses & Bakeapple on the drying rack.  They’ll be hand coloured once the ink is dry.

*Puns inserted for H. W.’s reading pleasure.

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