TGIF: Weekly Update on SALE Table Items

20180111_135533_highway 26279164279..jpeg

Soy candles with wooden wicks
Regular $25 now $12.50
Stormy Nights

Pie in a Jar Candles
Regular $16 now $8

Pie Candles
Regular $18 now $9
Apple, Bakeapple

Cinnamon Bun Candles
Regular $12 now $6

Brian Ricks Photography
Regular $40 now $20
Gorgeous black & white handmade print in a 5×7 frame

Brindy Linens
Half price
Xmas Stocking

20180119_094102_highway 26977014716..jpeg

Catherine McCausland’s Art Felt
Were $20, now $10 each
Needle felted mini-art/ornament, 100% wool, wet and needle felted (includes loop for hanging). Colour choices influenced by garden, wilderness, and the North Atlantic, all just steps away from Catherine’s studio.

20180119_085944_highway 26254803045..jpeg

20180119_090017_highway 26-1544704848..jpeg

Maaike Charron’s Pottery
Half price
Sgraffito dinner plate, teacups, mugs
Robot’s Boat is Painted Chartreuse teapot, cream/sugar set, teacups, and mugs

20180119_094034_highway 261282497679..jpeg

Georgecraft Shave Sets
Was $75, now $37.50 Shave Bowl Set includes: pure badger hair shave brush by Georgecraft, ceramic shave bowl by Wendy Shirran, and shave soap by TVAL
Was $90, now $45 Shave Box Set includes pure badger hair shave brush and razor with laburnum wood handles (razor takes a Mach 3 or Mach 3 Turbo blade)

20180119_085919_highway 26-1830411561..jpeg

Morgaine’s Way Onsies
Were $20 each, now $12
Hand dyed using the melting of ice to create pattern & colour, they are available in sizes 3m, 6m, & 12m

ALL BOOKS 40% OFF regular retail price

Please share! #saleatnortonscove #CraftsofCharacter #MadeinNL #NLart #NLcraft


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