Red Blue Rainbow Roll

Top of the morning to you!  What a beautiful morning it is here at the studio, warm and sunny.

Once I’ve printed enough cards, minis, and bookmarks to fill up my drying rack, I move on to the window screens (which belong to the café), stacked up on a table in my office.  I keep them apart with little pieces of wood, giving space to dry.

20180218_110203_highway 26254803045..jpeg

While the drying rack is designed for printmakers, the window screens are actually more versatile in some ways- I don’t have to wait for the prints on the top layers to dry before I remove the prints from the bottom layers.  They can be shifted around, and are larger, thus fitting more prints at a time.

20180218_110125_highway 26-1544704848..jpeg

I finished the silver and gold prints yesterday, and moved on to the red-blue rainbow roll.  Hopefully that will be finished today and I can move on to the next colour after my shift at the café this afternoon.  As always, I’d love to have you drop in to see some printmaking in action.


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