2018 Craft & Gift Wholesale Show

I’m back from our capital city and the 2018 Craft & Gift Wholesale Show.  Boxes to unpack, orders to organize, and some resting to do to make up for staying out so late at YellowBelly Brewery with Mick Davis and the Dark Tickle Crowd on Friday night!  I had a great weekend.  The Wholesale Show is an easy one to do as shows go.  There aren’t a ton of clients to deal with, and as my customers had successful years last year, they’ve all ordered more Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, Framed Mini-Prints, Bookmarks, and t-shirts to stock their lovely shops for the spring season.  Success!  And lots of fun to boot, as I have funny caring and lovely friends who are also vendors at the show.


Congratulations to the Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador who have successfully managed the show for their first time in a new location, The Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland (which I still call The Newfoundland Hotel)  You did a great job!

Who are these shops that carry my cards you ask?  Here’s the list of shops expecting new product from me this spring:

The Craft Council Shop
The Dark Tickle Company
Historic Sites Association of NL Shops
Alexis Templeton Studio
Norseman Restaurant & Gaia Art Gallery
The Iceberg Shop | Twillingate Island Boat Tours Ltd.
Running the Goat | Books & Broadsides
Molly Made Fibre Art Studio
Twillingate & Beyond Sunshine Gallery
Johnny Ruth | Living Planet
The Rooms Giftshop



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