A Fellow Blogger & Norton’s Cove Café

Great big thanks to fellow blogger Victoria Wade for posting this super positive blog about my restaurant!

So happy to see this on a day with almost no customers and a feeling of dread weighing heavy on my shoulders.  It’s so hard to run a business in a small town, and equally as easy to feel like I probably shouldn’t have started this in the first place.  A notification came to my phone telling me about a blog post this evening and saved my day!  It’ll be alright.  Tomorrow is another day…

Good Morning guys! I hope you’re all waking up to love (like the Clean ‘n’ Clear [or was it Neutrogena???] commercial used to sing .. remember? .. no? .. just me? .. Allan would remember). I woke up with my loves this morning and I couldn’t be more grateful! They came out on Thursday afternoon […]

via Norton’s Cove Cafe — The Balanced Life List


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