Lunch Special

I heard on the radio one day a couple of years back that Central Newfoundland (that’s us!) was deemed to hold more obese people per capita than anywhere else in the country.   I don’t know if that’s true, but when I look around my little hometown, I see a lot of people who look very unhealthy.  I think we can all do something about that.  Whether it’s not giving in to social pressures (it’s okay to offer someone just a cup of coffee- we don’t need to eat cake to keep our friends!) or inviting someone to go for a hike, there are little things that make a big difference in the long run.

One of my personal goals when setting up Norton’s Cove Café was to offer foods that are healthy and have good portion sizes.  I’m very proud of the foods we serve. And of course, with most of my meals coming from my restaurant, it’s really important to me that good food is served up.  We steer away from things like preservatives and precooked foods.  We don’t have a deep fryer.  Ted, our Kitchen Magician, is a wonder.

Spice up your afternoon with our Chili & Cheesy Nachos for lunch.  At just $8 and about 485 calories, it’s a sweet deal!


I’m particular about what I eat most of the time.  I try to eat a little bit of everything- I find that not allowing myself certain things only makes me want them more- but I don’t eat more than I should.   I use an app on my phone, MyNetDiary, to count calories which I find very useful, because it takes some retraining to learn what is a sensible amount of any food in a world where most of us are no longer living terribly active lives.

I have grand plans of outliving my great grandmother, Hannah (Norris) Gill.  She made it to 104.83 years of age.  So I have to keep this body fit as a fiddle for at least another 58.75 years!  I dare say there will be a literal death by chocolate birthday party in the year 2077.  And you’re all invited!


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