Easter Sunday

Good morning!  We’ve had a busy weekend here at Norton’s Cove, and I am as content as a child eating her newly found chocolate eggs, sitting here at my desk with a hot coffee to sip on.

Easter is a mark of the beginning of our Spring season here in Newfoundland.  The pack ice is drifting around the bay, in one day, out the next, back and forth until it slowly breaks up and melts.  There’s a big iceberg at Greenspond, and more are surely on their way.  The snow is disappearing, and the flower beds are blank canvases waiting for colour.   Even though today’s wind is high and cold, winter is leaving us, sure enough.

One of the old post cards found in my house, from the Kean family.

We’re at the Café and Studio until 3pm- stop in for a mug up or a chat, we’d love to see you, and rejoice in all this great spring light and fresh new life to come.


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