Staff Appreciation

We had a great little staff party this evening, as a kind of “it’s been a crappy winter but now I think it’s going to be okay so let’s have some fun and stop worrying about everything all of the time” get together.  We’ve all been so focused on making things great at the studio & café, it’s easy to forget to just hang out and have fun together.

Jamaican Stewed chicken


Gilbert, our Kitchen Assistant extraordinaire, offered to cook us supper in the style of his Jamaican heritage, and I jumped at the opportunity.   I added three silly games, and fun ensued.  Congratulations to the game winners:

Balloon Toss Champion: Duke
Pass the Parcel Winner: Dolores
Staff Bingo Winner: Megan

Looking forward to our next staff party, and hope that the two missing persons show up next time!


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