On the Go Today

Jewellery 50% off
The studio & shop is open 10am-6pm today.  
Lino-cut workshop in progress 10-6, with coffee and lunch breaks at Norton’s Cove Café.


All books 40% off suggested retail price.
50% Crafts of Character.
Not a a lot of iceberg action outdoors, but we have plenty inside!  A road trip to Greenspond will get you an iceberg sighting.
Set up for my two students today.  Blank pages… what will the day bring?  Exciting!
I’m printing crab every day until I have an edition ready to go.  It’s a very slow process: watercolouring the printing plate, letting the colour (cadmium red middle) dry, spritzing with water, and printing on 250g Arches cotton fibre paper in a cream colour.  I started this print back in 2016, but then we started building a restaurant and things got bleary… Now that Norton’s Cove Café is running smoothly, I can put my full attention back to my own projects!

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