A little hiccup with my framer turned into a lovely new change.  They ran out of the frame stock I had been using for my Forget Me Not Mini-Print, which I don’t like in my usual black frames.  So I had to go pick out a new frame stock.

This is the old frame…
Forget Me Not new white frame
And here’s the new frame!  

I’m completely in love with the new white frame (which will be available on any of my mini-print images very soon!).  You may have also noticed that my new works are on a whiter paper.  Canson stopped making their cream paper that I had used for many years, so I chose their antique white to go forward with.  Of course, that meant new mat colours as well.

If any of you ever need any framing done here in Newfoundland, I highly recommend Image Fusion for all you framing needs.  I’ve been dealing with them for quite a few years now, and I’ve found them to be honest hardworking people who produce a quality product every time.


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