Graduation Day

Today is Graduation Day at our local grade school, Pearson Academy. Two of my staff members, Leah & Megan, are amongst the graduates today.

I was lucky enough to have a visit from Megan (with her photographer in tow) at the café this afternoon, where I managed to get a few snaps of her in her finery…

Megan has been with us since we opened the café last summer, and will be working at the studio too, once her studies are complete. Some of you may remember Leah from the studio last year. She’ll be at the studio and café this summer too.
Megan’s sweetheart just so happens to be our main Server, Justin!


I’m very proud of my young staff, who get special attention today. They are hardworking and beautiful people who help to make it all worthwhile to see their smiling faces.


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