Mother’s Day

DSC_0555 (2016_07_21 12_07_50 UTC)
This is a photo lithograph I made while at NSCAD back in 1996.  I was thinking of Mother’s Day, and the tradition of wearing a rose: red if your mother is living, white if she is no longer with us.  

Four generations of my maternal family:

  1. myself, shown with a rosebud to signify my deep desire to one day bear children.  Of course, three years later, my son Fred was born.  Dreams fulfilled.  Expecting empty nest syndrome to kick in this fall when he leaves home for college.
  2. my mother, Ollie, shown with a red rose.  Best mom ever.
  3. her mother, Emily, shown with a white rose.  Nan died when I was just 12 after a number of years with Parkinson’s Disease, and while I remember her well, I didn’t get to ask her all the grown up questions that I’d love to have answered.  One of my prized possessions is a hooked mat that she made.
  4. and her mother, Hannah, also with white.  Great Nan was around longer- for 104.83 years, in fact.  When she was in her 90s, she was giving out what she called ‘keepsakes’, consisting of little boxes of perfumed soap and an embroidered handkerchief.   I think she got around to all of us grand-children and great-grandchildren twice before she was done.  I still have my precious little hankies.

The traditional rose wearing doesn’t seem to be ‘a thing’ anymore.  Today I didn’t spy a single rose.  30 years ago it was still very prominent here.  Have you heard of the tradition before?


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