Duke and I had a great little excursion on Tuesday evening after work: We grabbed our reels, rods, and some worms and drove for a few minutes to a couple of ponds where we cast our lines, lost some spinners and hooks on the rocks and bushes, but came home with a dozen delicious trout that Duke cooked up for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

Sunset over Vivian’s Pond

Access to ponds for fishing, license free, is a wonderful thing here in my neck of the woods.  Unheard of to many, we take for granted sometimes that we have this right to free food.  And we forget to tell travellers that they are welcome to share in the delight.  You don’t need to get a licence to catch trout in our ponds- just fish away- there is a limit to how many you’re allowed to take in one go, but a meal for a family is easily allowed.  Especially handy for campers and RV travellers, I imagine.

For more information on fishing in Newfoundland  & Labrador fresh water, see the Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada guidelines for angling.


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