Duke and I took a little excursion to Fogo Island a couple of Saturdays ago.  While there were many shops, museums, and restaurants that weren’t yet open for the season, we did get to see some great things…

Aboard the MV Veteran, the ferry to Fogo Island.

First up, our first whale sightings of the season!  We saw three humpbacks on the ferry ride, what looked to be a couple of adults and a youth feeding on caplin.

I had three things in mind to do while on Fogo Island, and we set off to strike the 1st one off the list.  The Flat Earth Society Café for breakfast.  While the internet had me expecting I could get a frittata or similar delicious breakfast, I was sad to find that they only offered coffee and loaf, which I thought was a weird way of saying banana bread.  That was not going to cut it for us at that moment, as we were hungry!

We headed to the only place to get breakfast, the Cod Jigger, which we almost didn’t stop at because the most visible sign on the building does not have the same name.  We had a big breakfast of beans, toast, eggs, baloney, and bacon.

Then we headed off to check off number two on my checklist: visit the gallery at the Fogo Island Inn.

Stark and white on the outside, like the icy air surrounding it.
The vestibule of the Inn holds a stunning hooked mat used as a seat cushion.  Each image shows the bow of a boat in the foreground, and seasonal happenings in the middle, starting and ending with spring.  I love this piece- I wish I knew who the artist is.
The inside is all warm and fuzzy feelings.  What a contrast from the outside!  The foyer is warmed by a wood burning stove, the furnishings all something out of nan’s house.  I love it.
Now, on to the gallery: Introduction to the artwork…
Another great space, with some fascinating works.
Detail of Isa Melsheimer’s Curtain (The Year of the Whale)

More on the artist here: Isa Melsheimer

On to number three on my list: eat at Growler’s Ice Cream.  No can do.  Not open.  Okay.

Time for a little climb.  To the top of Brimstone Head.  We were quite winded by the time we got to the top, but we made it!  I wonder how many stairs there are… There was a lovely iceberg which looks tiny in my picture, but was really quite beautiful and much larger.  The hand rail around the whole viewing platform is engraved with names.  I love it.

My favorite house on Fogo Island.  I wonder what its story is?

We drove around the island, visiting every little nook and cranny.  There are lots of beautiful homes and outbuildings, and lots that aren’t very attractive too- I was surprised at how undeveloped much of the island is.  I thought it would be more like home, but it really shows that the people have struggled in fairly recent times.

A beautiful ferry ride back to Farewell and a couple of hours’ drive home.

Have you heard of Fogo Island?  Have you visited?

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