Das Mer, Ihr Leben

Several years ago, I made a new friend, a German photographer named Martin Weinhold.  Martin was visiting Newfoundland, working on a project that has become even bigger than he first imagined, called Workspace Canada.  The idea was to photograph Canadians such as myself within the workspace, telling a true Canadian story, as opposed to the stereotype common in many German heads, Canadians all being either Mounties or cowboys.

mare magazine

I was quite surprised when my website was suddenly being watched by Germany and surrounding countries a couple of months ago- turns out I had been mentioned in a German magazine, and folks had started looking up my studio.  Of course, Martin wrote the article, shown in the link below.  Thanks for the introduction to some new followers, Martin!

110_WIRT_Meerberufe_1-17_FINAL Kopie

I’m looking forward to a visit from Martin and his wife next year, who have promised to bring me a bottle of German wine to toast the reunion!


One thought on “Das Mer, Ihr Leben

  1. So glad to hear that you’ve heard from Martin. It’s going to be neat to see him next year. Awesome that your name is getting to be known across the big pond.


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