Woody Point

Beautiful Bonne Bay

The Writers at Woody Point Festival hosts an art exhibit each summer, and this year’s show includes my UNDERNEATH No. 1 painting, so Duke and I decided on a little excursion to Woody Point to attend the opening and have a mini-vacation.


There was a great crowd of people in a very beautiful and warm room.  
The home base of the Writers at Woody Point Festival is a gorgeous historical building.  To find out more about the festival (which I wish I could stay and enjoy), have a look here.
We visited Molly Made, a shop filled with gorgeous treasures, as you can see in the following pictures…


We explored the area a little more by car, and we stayed the night at Steady Brook, where we walked up to Steady Brook Falls very near our accommodations.  Tomorrow it’s back home, with some interesting stops along the way.

Steady Brook Falls

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