Josh Fewings and Benj Rowland, aka MAYHEMINGWAYS, swung by yesterday to perform their ‘Fuzz Folk’ Live @ Norton’s Cove.  The guys (from Peterborough, Ontario) are in the midst of an Eastern Canada tour with their album SKIP LAND.  We had a very small group of listeners, but we all enjoyed it tremendously.  We’re so lucky to get these musicians coming to our shore!

Josh’s dad made this tour banner- wicked!
What a perfect symbol for a on-the-road tour!

Top 10 reasons I love to go see/hear live music in a small venue like Norton’s Cove Café:

  1. The sound is just so good. Crisp, clear, detailed.
  2. I get to meet the musicians which makes for a personalized experience.
  3. I can buy merch’ directly from the artists, and have them signed just for me!  Also good Christmas shopping ideas…
  4. I’m putting my ticket money directly into the pocket of starving artists.  Making a living as an artist is sketchy at best- I know this too well!  It’s a great feeling to know that my little bit of money will make a difference to someone.
  5. Every time I listen to the CD I bought, it brings back great memories of the live performance and the excitement of meeting the band.
  6. It’s so easy to stay home and not bother the fuss of getting ready to go out, save a few dollars… but it’s just a few dollars, and that ‘good times’ feeling is so worth the little bit of effort and money in the end.  Like a tonic or antidepressant.
  7. Hearing the stories behind the songs.  Artists usually tell you little bits between songs- what inspires them to write, places they’ve toured and people they’ve met along the way- it’s like getting the inside scoop, knowing something special that the general public aren’t aware of.  It’s simply special!
  8. Duke’s nachos.  (that only applies to Norton’s Cove, I know.  But still.  So good!)
  9. Hanging with other folks who appreciate the same things.  Even if you show up alone, you can sit with others who are there to enjoy the evening as a larger group.
  10. With just 33 available seats (or similar numbers) there isn’t any trouble finding your place, there are no ridiculous line-ups for bathrooms, and pretty quick service at the bar.
Check out my YouTube channel to hear the band!

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