At the Café

The café is open this week
Thursday – Monday 10am to 8pm
+ 8-11 on Friday night
Pianist Richard Leach brings us live supper-time music every Thursday

Reservations are encouraged: 709-536-2633

Soups of the day…
CORN & BEEF VEGETABLE $6 cup; $8 bowl

Mac n cheese.jpg
Macaroni & Cheese will soothe you on this wet day.  Shown here with bread and bacon additions.  

Our whole menu can be seen HERE

Dates to put in your calendar:
Jim Payne & Fergus O’Byrne Live @ Norton’s Cove Café September 26th
Last regular day of the season (yes, we’ll be closing for the winter) October 6th
Dust Radio Live @ Norton’s Cove Café October 20th

Thank you to all you gorgeous people for your patronage, and to my exceptional staff: Ted (the Kitchen Magician), Gilbert, Amanda, Kim, and Duke.


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