TGIF: Weekly Update on SALE Table Items


Discontinued products: We’re offering some great bargains on beautifully hand crafted items and books as we change what we carry at Kean’s General Store: 40% off all items shown here.

Dark Tickle Vinegars
40% off suggested retail price

Selected Books
40% off suggested retail price

Maaike Charron Ceramics
40% off suggested retail price

GeorgeCraft Shave Sets
Were $90, now $54each
Pure badger hair shave brush & razor with laburnum wood handles (razor takes a Mach 3 or Mach 3 Turbo blade) in a wooden box.

NorthEastern Folk Art Magnets
Were $12, now $7.20 each
Raku sea urchins (just one remaining!)

Tara Bryan Mouse Pads
Were $14.95, now at 40% off: $8.97 each
Tara Bryan is an artist who lives and works in Flatrock (and sometimes in Wesleyville!) with her husband and two dogs.  She has been painting the coastline for more than 25 years, and has always been fascinated by the migration of icebergs.  You can see more of her work at 

Morgaine’s Way Onesies
Were $20, now $12 each
100% cotton; This product was dyed using the melting of ice to create pattern and colour.

Please share! #saleatnortonscove #CraftsofCharacter #MadeinNL #NLart #NLcraft


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