Our Crazy Chicken Lady is Alright

Our crazy chicken lady, aka Kim, fell ill on Thursday while at work.  We got her to the hospital as soon as we could.  Luckily, we’re located very near what used to be known as Brookfield Cottage Hospital.  We (staff members & customers) have been terribly worried about her, and it’s been a pretty stressful week while waiting for news from her family and health care providers.

She has been a very sick chicken lady, who turns out, has epilepsy.  I spoke with her tonight, and while she sounds very tired and groggy, with medication and proper care, she’ll be good as new.  And we’re so relieved that she’s going to be okay!  Phew!

If you would like to add your message to the chalkboard, please drop in Thursday-Saturday.  This will be kept until Kim sees it in person.  

Why Crazy Chicken Lady?  Because she’s a crazy chicken loving woman.  Since starting to work at Norton’s Cove, she has become a chicken keeper, and is now asking for goats.  She is such fun to work with, she even makes chicken noises just to make her fellow Norton’s Cove Crew laugh.  Duke & I bought her a chicken onesie a couple of weeks ago- she put it on with a giant smile, and was filmed with an answer to the question: why did the chicken cross the road?  To get to the studio!

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