Production Mode

Each winter, I take wholesale orders for my open edition cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks at a trade show in St. John’s. My spring is filled with printing, hand colouring, packaging, framing, and shipping out thousands of these pieces to shops around Atlantic Canada.

I’m in the midst of what I like to call Printapalooza right now. That’s where I take inventory of the product I already have in stock, add the orders I’ve taken and what I need for my own shop, and make a print list of all the pieces in the various colours that I can tally off as I go. My colour list is Black, grey, red, red-yellow, orange, red-blue, blue, blue-green, green, and gold/silver.

The colours change with the years, as tastes change for me and my customers. And the images change too- the lino-cut plates wear out after a couple of hundred impressions are pulled, and I replace them with similar or newly imagined images.

If you look up my twitter account,you’ll see pictures and little videos tagged #printapalooza this time of year.


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