Squareing Yards and Furling Sails

My paternal grandfather, Skipper Gus Davis, was a memorable character who had a flair for the creative, like a good many of my relatives. Some years ago, I was given a folder of his sketches from one of the family who thought I might be interested in having them. What a treasure!

Gus spent much of his life at sea, and his sketches are indicative of that: ships, vessels his family had owned, and marine animals.

Lino-cut print with watercolour, Janet Davis 2015

I made a lino-cut piece based on his “Squareing Yards and Furling Sail” sketch, printed in black ink and hand coloured using watercolours.

There are more sketches to bring out when I’m ready. Are you inspired by your ancestor’s stories? As much as I am happy to be living in a time of women’s rights and relative peace, I often find myself daydreaming about how the people who came before me lived.

Gus’ world was much different than mine, and I’m happy to have a glimpse into it through his sketches.


One thought on “Squareing Yards and Furling Sails

  1. Love the print and the story of your grandfather. Mine knew how to grow crops and raise animals and children! Have fun.


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