At the Café

Hello from gorgeous Norton’s Cove!

Our hours are 10am to 8pm daily (except Wednesdays) and we recommend that you call for a reservation when times are busy (July & August are busy!) so that we can guarantee you a place to sit!  I don’t like turning people away, but we have had to do that several times.  The number to call to make a reservation is: 709-536-2633.  

We’re starting the week with…
Spicy Sweet Potato Corn Soup (V, GF)  $4 cup; $6 bowl
Cod Chowder (GF)  $6 cup; $8 bowl

Chrys continues to bake us gorgeous treats; she changes things up each day, so pop in to see what’s new!  Right now, we have: brownies with almond buttercream icing, hand pies, strawberry rhubarb tarts, Chocolate layer cake with mint buttercream icing, chocolate peanut butter cookies, ginger cookies, s’mores scones, chocolate biscotti, NEW fudge (!!!) and Amanda’s banana nut muffins in addition to our regular dessert menu.

The big news is that we now have COD on the menu again!  It’s been difficult to find, but we have some, and I am pleased to put our fish & chippies back on the lunch menu, and our pan fried cod back on the supper menu today!

Our entire menu can be seen HERE


  • Tara Bryan Paintings

Thank you to all you gorgeous people for your patronage, and to my exceptional staff: Ted (the Kitchen Magician), Gilbert, Amanda, Chrys, Jacob, and last but not least: Duke, who married me 21 years ago today!


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