Norton’s Cove Café

Hello from gorgeous Norton’s Cove! Here’s your update on what’s happening this week at the Café!

Our hours are 10am to 8pm daily (except Tuesdays & Wednesdays). If you would like to call to make a reservation, the number is: 536-2633.  

In the Café Giftshop, I’ve added some dishes. We have lots of extra dishes in stock at the café, and now, if you like our teapots, our milk bottles, or our beverage dispensers, you can take them home with you! I received a new shipment of Newfoundland Sea Salt this week, and so we now have our 150g jars and our 10g tins restocked. We have new product from the Dark Tickle Company, with bags of tea in 5 different flavours as well as lots of jams, sauces, and relish.

  • Pecan Butter Tarts
  • Salt Fish Ravioli
  • cafe latté

We’re starting the week with Amanda’s…
Vegetarian Soup: HUNGARIAN MUSHROOM $4 cup; $6 bowl
Hearty Soup: ITALIAN ZUCCHINI & SAUSAGE (GF)  $6 cup; $8 bowl

Chrys continues to bake us gorgeous treats; she changes things up each day, so pop in to see what’s new!  Right now, we have: brownies, apple cinnamon and strawberry rhubarb hand pies, chocolate layer cake with rum & butter buttercream icing, partridgeberry scones, pecan butter tarts, chocolate biscotti, and fudge in addition to our regular dessert menu.

Gilbert is making his Jamaican Chicken for us this week! It thrills me to show off our authentic Jamaican dishes from our cook who left Jamaica for Newfoundland just a couple of years ago. He’s one of us now, and we are happy to dig in to his flavourful cooking style!

Our entire menu can be seen HERE


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