17 Years

Today was the 17th anniversary of my first day of business as Norton’s Cove Studio at the historic Kean’s General Store. Each year I throw a little appreciation out there for my supporters in the way of refreshments and the best sales prices all year.

Thank you so much to those of you who came out to purchase cards and hoodies and artwork! Every sale, no matter how small or large is extremely important to my little business, and I appreciate that you are willing to part with your hard earned money to take a bit of Norton’s Cove home with you.

Thanks to Chrys who baked up some special goodies for us!

I managed to finish the watercolour painting on each Lily image in a new edition of 47 (+1 trial proof) while sipping coffee, munching on cakes, and chatting with visitors.

All in all, a lovely day at the studio!

Didn’t hear about the sale? Those who subscribe to my email list get an invitation in their inbox each year. If you would like to subscribe to that list, just fill out the email box on the bottom of the home page of my website. Subscribers get about a dozen emails each year with all the news from Norton’s Cove Studio & Café through the MailChimp service.

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