At the Café

Hello from gorgeous Norton’s Cove!

This week, much to our disappointment, will be our last week of regular hours at the Café.  Business has dropped off considerably in the past couple of weeks, and it no longer makes financial cents (misspelled for the benefit of Mr. Wiley) to remain open. 

We will certainly have events throughout the off-season, so stay tuned  to our website for special happenings!  For now, our last day of regular business, 10am-8pm, will be Saturday, September 21st.  

I want to say an enormous THANK YOU to my wonderful staff, to our regular customers, and all visitors from all corners of the earth that we’ve had the pleasure to serve and chat with.  Norton’s Cove is growing, and that is largely due to people like YOU for sharing your good experiences here at Norton’s Cove.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I look forward to growing even more next season!

Special thanks this year go to Richard Leach who played piano at the Café every Thursday night since we opened in May. We love you Richard, you’re a star, and you made our Thursday nights shine!


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