The Ups and Downs

After sending out notice to my subscribers last week about having to close down the café sooner than planned, I received quite a few overwhelming emails from people who love what we’re doing there: the food, the decor, the ambiance, the service, etc. My heart was swelling with pride in the gains we’ve made this year, my gorgeous staff and me.

It is one of my favourite restaurants of all time.  So cozy and calm, with a beautiful ocean backdrop.  Wonderful food and staff.  

customer of norton’s cove café

Today, I am working on my accounting, which is looking pretty grim. After making a foolish mistake on September 6th (I deleted some files that I shouldn’t have), I was forced to start re-entering all my accounting journal entries back as far as July 6th. Twenty days later, I’ve put in lots of extra accounting hours, and I have re-entered all revenue, and enough of my expenditures to reconcile my bank account. I have a table full of stacks of receipts left to go, and as I keep entering expenses, with no customers coming in the door, my anxiety levels are raising by the receipt entered.

From my UNDERNEATH series, this piece is starting to take shape.

I am doing what I can, creating new works, building my stock for the Christmas Craft Fair in November, and trying to keep my spirits up to help me deal with the financial stress of being an artist and entrepreneur in outport Newfoundland.

Lily, a new edition of 47 hand coloured linocut prints is waiting for mats and frames to be ready to sell.
Brown Trout, a new linocut print, is ready to be editioned.

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