A Lily for Lilly

My Lilies are finally ready to find new homes to brighten!

Find them in the online shop HERE or stop in at the studio to get yours! They are selling for $80 each matted as shown here in my garden, or $120 in a chic white frame.


2 thoughts on “A Lily for Lilly

  1. What a beautiful picture. Love the milkweed. On second viewing is it milkweed? Couldn’t place the background for a little bit. Hope all is well. I guess you are getting ready for the Craft Fair. Good luck. Lxo.

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    1. I had never heard of milkweed before… had to Google it!
      I took the picture of my Lily print in my own garden, with the blown out and browning lily stalks!
      Yep, craft fair production is in full swing!


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