This morning, I was interviewed by the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation’s Darren Sheppard, which will air next Friday, November 29th on the 709 Watershed Podcast. I think we may have gone a little off-topic, but otherwise I think it went okay. Always nerve-wracking to hear my own voice in a recording, and I’ll probably listen to it next week without breathing. Fingers crossed I answered some of the questions sensibly, at least!

The logo I drew earlier this year for the Indian Bay Ecosystem’s 709 Watershed podcast project

Duke and I had a lovely little interlude at Washed Ashore after the interview, where we drank coffee and discussed everything under the sky with some local coffee-drinkers and admired a shop full of treasures. If you haven’t been there before, you should definitely give it a look!

This afternoon, I’m back in the studio, working on a couple little things: putting a few frames together, and starting to update my online shop’s product photos, as well as a bit of book-keeping. Please do drop by for a visit if you’re in the area!


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