Day One: Just a Card – Indie Week

It’s all about me today! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Janet, an artist and entrepreneur here in beautiful Brookfield (part of the municipality of New-Wes-Valley), Newfoundland, Canada. Here’s a little slide-show of me doing my thing over the past seventeen years…

  • Ship Island May 2019

As an artist, I’m inspired by the things in my environment. The sea and all its creatures, landscapes and its flora and fauna, as well as some artifacts from the days of my grandparents. These all hold my attention year to year. I never get tired of looking at the ocean at my doorstep.

I am spending lots of time thinking about ongoing and upcoming projects, even while creating pieces that make up my bread and butter each year, especially my UNDERNEATH project which looks under the surface of the ocean, getting to the bottom of things. The project will speak of mental health issues that we struggle with, how easy it is to sink to the bottom from the sunny top, and how we all need to have lifeguard skills to work together and save each other from drowning.

Here are some other tidbits about me…

  • Born just up the road from my studio at Brookfield Hospital to proud parents Bruce and Ollie 47 years ago
  • I have 3 brothers: Steve, Trevor, and Mick. I’m child #3
  • Schools I’ve attended: Newtown Elementary, Memorial Academy, Lester Pearson Memorial High, Avalon Community College/Cabot College, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design
  • Married Duke Kelloway 21 years ago at the Greenspond Courthouse
  • Duke and I have 1 son, Fred, who is by far the greatest thing I’ve ever created
  • Started Norton’s Cove Studio in 2002
  • My favourite band is the Novaks
  • I love hiking, sailing, eating food I didn’t cook, binge-watching British shows on Netflix, and Christmas with my family
  • Added Norton’s Cove Café in 2017
  • I don’t have a favourite colour. They’re all good
  • I can play a few chords on the guitar and my ukulele
  • I mark the 7th generation of Davis’ living in the Bonavista North area of Newfoundland since William Davis left the dock at Portsmouth in the 1700s

Today’s prompt for Indie Week is You: Share your story. Show your face or place. Tomorrow’s prompt is Make an image. Say what the message means to you.


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