Day Two: Just a Card – Indie Week

Today’s prompt: Make an image. Say what the image means to you.

Inner Swain’s Tickle – The Reach

This is my most recently finished work, based on an old photograph of a part of the coastline at Wesleyville. A tickle is a path of ocean between two areas of land, in this case, between Wesleyville and Swain’s Islands. This path of ocean is also referred to as The Reach by locals.

The place itself is special to me because of my own family connections…

My great grandmother, Ethel Winsor, was raised on Swain’s Island, and she told me about growing up there. During the winters, they would close up the shutters on the windows, and try to keep themselves warm with lots of clothes and quilts. I can only imagine what it must have been like before electricity out there, where I have seen waves crash and freeze over the whole island with my own eyes. The good old days indeed!

My dad grew up in the same area, just over the little hill in the left of the image. His neighbours were my husband’s family. And I have spent many a day at the wharf there myself, tagging along with dad, working at the Marine Service Centre for a little while, and tying up my own sailing boat at the floating docks.

It just feels like home.


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