Day Four: Just a Card – Indie Week

Today’s prompt is Events: yours and those you enjoy.

Events! I love planning them! Anyone who knows me realizes that I rarely leave my own property, so I don’t get to go enjoy events that others are hosting very often… But here’s what’s in the plans for Norton’s Cove!

This campaign really resonates with me as a small town business owner. If everyone in this town came into my shop once a year and purchased just a card, or just a bookmark, or just anything at all, I’d be able to call my business successful. It really is that simple.
My personal favourite! This is when I get to throw a little party for free for my supporters. This event happens on the first Friday of December every year! Everyone is welcome.
Tibb’s Eve is truly an amazing event. The food is outstanding- Ted really goes all out and shows us what a great Kitchen Magician he really is! And this year, we’re letting Chrys Hogan run wild with the desserts! And then, to cap off the evening, we dance the night away with Mick Davis offering up his honed skills with his voice and guitar. Only 43 tickets make it an intimate evening too!
Nancy Hynes and Ian Foster perform their Christmas album again here at Norton’s Cove Café next month. A great treat to look forward to! Candy Cane Lattes too!

Amanda and I are thinking about putting off a couple of FRIDAY NIGHT FRIENDS events over the holidays. What do you think? Would you like us to do that? I’d love to, but I’m a little afraid that no one would show up… All I need is a wee bit of encouragement from my customers!


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