Product Spotlight

With today’s product spotlight, I thought I’d let you know that the tickets for our popular Tibb’s Eve event are over half sold now, with three weeks left to purchase tickets! If you’re planning to attend, you may not want to wait for the last minute! Tickets cannot be reserved without payment.

Quickly becoming the most anticipated event of the season, Tibb’s Eve at Norton’s Cove Café will mark its third year this December 23rd!

Doors open at six o’clock to mingle and enjoy pre-dinner tasties: 

Coconut Shrimp (GF)
Cranberry Brie Bites (VEG)
Fried Potato Balls
Bacon & Caramelized Onion Crostini

The three-course festive meal starts at seven o’clock.  Choose from the following options: 


  1. Curried scallop and apple salad (GF)
  2. Pork and mushroom ragout on polenta wedge (GF)
  3. Roast tomato, goat cheese, and arugula tartlet (VEG)


  1. Braised lamb shank served with potato or rice and vegetable medley (GF)
  2. Pecan crusted stuffed chicken with potato or rice and vegetable medley (Can be GF / Nut Free if desired)
  3. Lentil veggie tartare with stewed vegetables and tofu lollipops (GF/ VEG)


  1. Guinness gingerbread cake nicely spiced with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Served with whiskey sauce, whipped cream, ginger cookie and sponge toffee crumbles.
  2. Rich, flourless chocolate cake (torte), chocolate ganache drip, salted caramel, fresh raspberries and candied walnuts. (GF)(can be nut free)
  3. Individual pavlova (crisp meringue with marshmallowy centre) filled with tangy lemon curd, fresh whipped cream, and berries. (GF)

Rockin’ starts at nine o’clock with live music from Mick Davis.  Wear your dancing shoes!

$100 ticket price includes all food, gratuity, and 2 beverages.  HST is extra. Get your tickets online here or at the studio!

Rockin’ Around the Christmas tree, let the Christmas spirit ring!  

*Please add your menu options to the notes part of your order, or email/text them to Janet.  Also, please make a note of any foods you need to avoid, as we can make adjustments where necessary.

If you’ve already purchased your tickets, thank you, and please send me your menu choices!

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