At the Café

Hello from gorgeous Norton’s Cove!

Norton’s Cove Café will be starting to celebrate the holidays this weekend!  Here’s what’s happening in the coming yuletide season:

Janet & Amanda welcome you back to the café for some treats and drinks on Friday nights for the season! We’ll be serving all our regular drinks, candy cane lattes, nachos, chippies, as well as cakes & cookies! Wear your dancing shoes! Bring a board game. But most importantly, bring your friends! If you’d like to reserve a table, please text me at 536-8166.
Still selling tickets to this event. Ian & Nancy have a special relationship with us here, as they were the first musical act to ever play at the café! And just to top that, they asked me to create a piece of artwork for their 2018 Christmas album, A Week in December! Doors at 7!

We’ll be serving supper to a private party on Saturday from 5-7 too, but ticket holders are welcome to show up any time after 7pm.
There are still a few tickets left for this event on December 23rd. Click the image to go straight to ticket info in the online shop!

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