There’s lots of sunshine in the forecast! Perfect for photographing products for my online shop.

I have two gesso covered canvases propped on top of my press where the sun comes into the room full on for a large portion of the day. That’s where I am laying cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks to be photographed. I’m using just the natural light, with the overhead lights turned off to avoid extra shadows.

This picture was taken yesterday afternoon. I love that the shadows enable us to see the texture of the paper, and the colour is fairly accurate (Canson’s Antique White). I have not used any filters nor adjusted the exposure on my camera (which is my Samsung Galaxy 9 smartphone).
Compare this second picture with the first. This picture was taken today, with the exact same lighting conditions and the same settings on the camera. The paper on the impression is exactly the same colour and texture as the card from yesterday’s picture, yet Antique White looks more Bright White today.

To add text, I use a Snapchat app- it’s really easy and quick to make the changes and save the altered photo. What do you think of my new images?

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