Greenspond Connections

I love Greenspond, and all the things associated with it. You know I do. So does Duke. Just the way it is. Yesterday evening, just before dark, we went for a little drive to our beloved Greenspond just because.

A beautiful sunset on a cold evening on my favourite cousin’s deck.

We drove all around the small island of Greenspond, over the little bridge to Ship Island, up around ‘the country’, and over to Wing’s Island. We stopped to greet a couple of friends and were invited in for coffee. Wonderful conversation and coffee too. I was given a pair of creepers (spiky things to attach to my boots to avoid slipping on the icy roads and walkways which I fear this time of year) by D, and we drove home under a gorgeous starry sky.

This morning, there was a parcel in the mail from my favourite cousin who (unfortunately for me) insists on spending her winters elsewhere. Would you believe, a pair of creepers!

So now I have two pairs of creepers. (D, you can have yours back again!) And even more fondness for the people of Greenspond.


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