A Good Friday for Printing

Today’s Printapalooza action: a rainbow roll of quinacridone red and prussian blue with a wee bit of titanium white in the mix. I started this a couple of days ago on my own, and Duke helped me get it all done today. Having a ‘clean hands’ helper makes such a huge difference in production time!

Duke had been doing a little work elsewhere, but today I had him all to myself again! I am adamant that when I’m allowed to reopen my shop, it will be FULL of product!

What did you do today?


2 thoughts on “A Good Friday for Printing

  1. Roasting spatchcock chicken cabbage sweet and white potatoes. Dicey getting all the times right but we will live. Walked Bella. Did some knitting believe it or not. And drank wine! No chores no cleaning. Tomorrow maybe garden cleanup…maybe not. Weather permitting. My neighbour’s daffodils are blooming. I see GP has wind warning. You must also. Keep doin’ what yer doin’. Stay well. Hugs to Ollie and Bruce if you’re allowed. Virtual hug to the Wileys when you see them. Lxo.


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